Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Franka Rolfix II

This is my Franka Rolfix II camera.

Franka Rolfix II

I like this German made camera. Franka Werke was a firm based in Bavaria that made low to mid-range quality cameras. It takes 6x9 sized pictures on 120 film and should have an insert to convert to 6x6 (but this is missing). This one has a coated Rodenstock Trinar 105mm f3.5 lens (3 element) with a Synchro-Compur shutter and flash sync. Shutter speeds go from 1s to 1/500th + bulb. Cost £17 on ebay and is in perfect working order.

From what I can gather this camera was made around 1951-57. This one is marked as being made in the US occupied zone of Germany. The shutter suggests it is a later model. I have seen other Rolfix II's that look slightly different in the way the body is constructed (e.g., the accessory shoe is in a different place and the nameplate on the top of the camera is different).

Franka Werke was taken over by Wirgin in 1961 and became Edixa gmbH (1968) under new ownership. Edixa closed in 1971. Edixa was a brand name of Wirgin Kamerawerk.



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